Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1980 Elmira Pioneer Red Sox Baseball #5, Brice Cote

Today's minor league mugshot's an alum of Mercer County Community College, a mild-mannered school in name that generated a notable 20 draft picks from 1976 to 1985, including Brice Cote and four 1st-rounders. Future MLBer Dave Gallagher went high in the 1980 draft twice, ultimately joining Cleveland in June after not signing with Oakland in the April phase.

Cote's bushy brows ride the optimism of rookie league ball, where Brice played two seasons in Elmira (NY) and Florida, then decided to move on to other things. These days, he heads the anti-shenanigans unit for New Jersey thoroughbred tracks, following a decade-long career as track investigator for their state police.

TCMA printed a whopping 44 players for Elmira's set, including future Boston fan favorite Oil Can Boyd and former Red Sox players Sam Mele and Frank Malzone.
  1. Alan Barnes
  2. Tom Bolton
  3. Allan Bowlin
  4. Dennis Boyd
  5. Brice Cote
  6. Steve Garrett
  7. George Greco
  8. Ty Herman
  9. Ron Hill
  10. Kevin Keenan
  11. Jeff Hall
  12. John Ackley
  13. Mark Weinbrecht
  14. Bob Sandling
  15. Brandon Plainte
  16. George Mecerod
  17. Tom McCarthy
  18. Mitch Johnson
  19. Don Leach
  20. Tim Duncan
  21. Jeff Hunter
  22. Tony Stevens
  23. Ron Oddo
  24. Wolf Ramos
  25. Mike Bryant
  26. Gus Burgess
  27. Mike Ciampa
  28. Simon Glenn
  29. Dick Berardino, Manager
  30. Parker Wilson
  31. Brian Zell
  32. Gilberto Gonzalez
  33. Bob Crandall
  34. Marve Handler
  35. Bill Limoncelli
  36. Bruce Butera
  37. Sam Mele, Instructor
  38. Frank Malzone, Instructor
  39. Charlie Wagner
  40. Jay La Bare
  41. Charlie Lynch
  42. Alan Mintz
  43. Rodolfo Santana
  44. Miguel Valdez

Value: This #5 cost $2 at MinorLeagueSingles.com and team sets run $20-40.

Fakes / reprints: TCMA reprinted several team sets, possibly including this one, for "collectors kits" in the late 80s. Those cards have black backs and originals use blue backs.

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