Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1980 TCMA Glens Falls White Sox Baseball #5, Mark Platel

I'll take TCMA's word for it that this is Mark Platel. Could be any 1970s guy with that hair.

Seeing that Mark stood a basketballish 6'5" led to the discovery that you can sort Baseball-Reference rosters by height, weight, date of birth, and so on. Doing this with Glens Falls shows that Platel tied for "Tallest 1980 White Sock" with Len Bradley and Richard Weiters.

Color me surprised Glens Falls generated two different 1980 sets, given that season's mediocre 63-74 record. Perhaps the Sox ordered another in full-color (type profile to come) when this black-and-white version obscured almost all player faces with high-noon shadows.

TCMA pictured 29 Glens Falls players, managers, and team staff in this set, with those in bold reaching the bigs.
  1. Steve Pastrovich
  2. Len Bradley
  3. Tom Johnson
  4. Randy Evans
  5. Mark Platel
  6. Luis Rois
  7. Rick Seilheimer
  8. Ray Torres
  9. Reggie Patterson
  10. Kevin Hickey
  11. Ted Barnicle
  12. Rick Wieters
  13. Mark Teutsch
  14. Mark Esser
  15. Andy Pasillas
  16. Julio Perez
  17. Ron Perry
  18. Randy Johnson (the 80s version)
  19. Dom Fucci
  20. Vince Bienek
  21. A.J. Hill
  22. Lorenzo Gray
  23. Fran Mullins
  24. Mike Pazik, Manager
  25. Duane Shaffer
  26. Orlando Cepeda, Instructor
  27. Allan Haines
  28. Batboys
  29. Bob Bolster

Value: This #5 cost $2 at MinorLeagueSingles.com. The presence of HOF hitting instructor Orlando Cepeda pushes the team set up a bit to $20-25.

Fakes / reprints: TCMA reprinted several of their team sets for "collectors kits" later in the 80s. Originals use blue ink on the back and those reprints have black.

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