Monday, April 23, 2012

Perfect Gamers and Hall of Famers

As a Mariners fan, bittersweet congrats to Philip Humber on baseball's 21st perfect game, an efficient effort that consumed just 96 pitches. His Gatorade coronation's a great baseball image.

Baseball Almanac already breaks down the basics of each perfect (and near-perfect) game. My trading friend Tom from went the extra base by listing elected and potential HOFers faced by the winning pitchers.

  • Lee Richmond, WOR vs. CLE 6/12/1880: Hanlon
  • John Ward, PROV vs BUF 6/17/1880: Galvin
  • Cy Young, BOS vs. PHI 5/5/1904: Rube Waddell
  • Addie Joss, 10/2/1908 CLE vs.CHI: Walsh, Davis
  • Charlie Robertson, CHI vs DET 4/30/1922: Cobb, Heilmann
  • Don Larsen, NYY vs BKN 10/8/1956: Reese, Snider, Robinson, Campanella
  • Jim Bunning, PHI vs NYM 6/21/1964: none
  • Sandy Koufax, LA vs CHI 9/9/1965: Williams, Santo, Banks
  • Catfish Hunter, OAK vs. MIN 5/8/1968: Carew, Killebrew
  • Len Barker, CLE vs TOR 5/15/1981: none
  • Mike Witt, CAL vs. TEX 9/30/1984: none
  • Tom Browning, CIN vs LA 9/16/1988: none
  • Dennis Martinez, MON vs LA 7/28/1991: Murray
  • Kenny Rogers, TEX vs. CAL 7/28/1994: none
  • David Wells, NYY vs. MIN 5/17/1998: Molitor
  • David Cone, NYY vs MON 7/18/1999: none
  • Randy Johnson, AZ vs ATL 5/18/2004: none yet (Chipper Jones)
  • Mark Buehrle, CWS vs TAM 7/23/2009: none yet (Longoria? Crawford?)
  • Dallas Braden, OAK vs TAM 5/9/2010: none yet (Longoria? Crawford?)
  • Roy Halladay, PHI vs. FLA 5/29/2010: none yet (Uggla?)
  • Phillip Humber, CWS vs SEA 4/21/2012: none yet (Icihiro?) 

Don Larsen's effort gets extra respect for being both in the World Series and facing four Cooperstown inductees. Seattle's no offensive powerhouse these days, but as they said when David Wells shut down the woeful Twins lineup in 1998: "he still got all of them out and that's what counts."

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