Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Training Baseball Giveaway: A-M

Thanks to all who entered my Spring Training Giveaway last week. Who will walk away with awesome cards (and biceps) like this one?

I split my giveaway summary into two parts, lest the post office wear itself out carrying everything away at once. First up, the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim through the New York City Metropolitans.
  • Angels: Angels in Order (1), Mariner1 (2), Jeff Laws (2), Orioles Magic (4)
  • Astros: Dimwit (1), Matt (5)
  • Athletics: Dan (2), Fuji (2), Jason C (3), Matt (3), Jason (3), Ryan G (3)
  • Blue Jays: Night Owl (5)
  • Braves: Captain (1), Dimwit (2), Jeff Laws (3), Mariner1 (4), Angels in Order (5), Jason C (5)
  • Brewers: Jason C (1)
  • Cubs: Cardanathema (1), Hackenbush (1), Nick (1), Jess (2), Mark A (3), High-Five (3), Matt (3), Jeff Laws (5)
  • Diamondbacks: Mark A (1), Dawgbones (3), Cardanathema (4), High-Five (5)
  • Giants: Fuji (1), Ed Watts (3), Dan (3), Mariner1 (3), Hackenbush (4), Steve D (5)
  • Indians: Jason (1), High-Five (2), Dawgbones (5)
  • Mariners: Mariner1 (1), Fuji (5), Dan (5)
  • Marlins: Ryan G (4)
  • Mets: Ed Watts (1), Steve D (1)

All winners appear in bold type. Please email your mailing addresses (and team) to Glidden dot Matthew at Gmail for speedy delivery.

Lots of collectors voted for the Cubbies, but Hackenbush won a dice-rolling tie-breaker and two other two-man contests split via coin flip. Surprised that only one reader voted Blue Jays and for their #5 at that! Clearly lots of room remains to bulk up my Canadian readership. Captain Canuck is a Braves fan, but not the Montreal hockey team.

Tune in Wednesday to see winning results for Orioles through the high-demand Grab Bag...


Captain Canuck said...

sweet! Crazy Eddie comes through!

Mark Aubrey said...

Thanks, Spike.

Fuji said...

Thanks... my students will love the Giants cards!