Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1972 Pittsburgh Press "Buc-A-Day" Pirates #5, Dave Cash

Card front (newspaper back)

Like many newspapers, the Pittsburgh Press once dominated their media market with a three-pointed strategy.
  1. Timely investigative journalism
  2. News that you can use
  3. Pictures of Dave Cash auditioning for the Mod Squad (also see the real Topps set at
Glenn Hubbard with a python aside, this is one of the oddest pictures I've seen on a baseball issue. Today's guest could easily be re-selling a leather coat or sports car instead of posing as himself, the Pittsburgh second baseman. (Click through the image for a full-size 70s scan.)

Collectors obtained this unique set by clipping each elongated "card" from the Press sports section. As nothing but newspaper, folks needed to work to keep them in good shape. (Given the age, yellowing's almost unavoidable.) Fronts include photos--most in non-baseball poses--and a player bio. Backs are actually a section of the classified ads.

I picked up the entire Buc-a-Day set on eBay last month for less than $20. Though rare, this says something about both their desirability (not high) and our current economy (lower than not high). Folks unable to find them as a baseball collectible can also check for March 1972 Press back issues. (Roberto Clemente, for example, went out on March 20.) Good luck!


Matt Runyon said...

Before reading the text I immediately thought of Link. Good stuff.

Matthew Glidden said...

Nice, hoped it wasn't just me. That does make me wonder if law enforcement's tried to post narcs in pro ball leagues...or just wait until the run of tell-all books comes out.

keith brucha said...

My collection of buc a day has 23 photos,can you tell me if this is a complete collection or are any missing,I remember cutting them all out myself,I was 13,what good times they were.

Matthew Glidden said...

Hi Keith, the set's complete at 25, so you're very close! If you're missing #24 and #25, that's Rennie Stennett and Bob Veale.

David said...

Please let me know if you'd like to trade this set, or any of the singles from it. love the blog!

Matthew Glidden said...


You asked about trading singles from the set and it's tough to know what to do when type cards come from full sets. For now, I'm hanging on to them, but will let folks know if that changes.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in selling the Manny Sanguillen Buc-a-Day, please let me know and I will contact you....I would pay $10 just for the sanguillen. Thanks

Jason Presley said...

FYI, the Google News Archive has those issues of the Pittsburgh Press online for free. So if you can't find a "real" copy, you can print out your own.

Anonymous said...

Alright, since no one responded...I would pay $25, plus shipping for the sanguillen...if interested, post how to best to contact you....thanks.