Monday, June 24, 2013

1977 Dairy Queen Tacoma Twins Baseball #5, Sal Butera

Collectors of baseball cards that feature catching equipment, take note: many minor league team sets have this kind of shot, since photographers liked to surprise players during warm-ups. DROP THE MASK AND SMILE, SAL. GOT IT, YOU'RE THE MAN, SAL.

Card front (blank back)

Butera left that mustache in the 1970s for most of his 9-year MLB career, apart from a brief return-to-form on 1982 cards. Fleer caught his lip caterpillar in this "putting on the mask" moment.

Collectors, if you're going to get that 1982 Fleer card graded, make sure it's a T-E-N.

Tacoma checklisted this DQ-sponsored set by uniform, so player call-ups meant four cards share the same number. (Note future long-time Twins manager Tom Kelly at #10.)
  1. Jim Van Wyck
  2. Wayne Caughey or Luis Gomez
  3. Dave Edwards
  4. Sam Perlozzo
  5. Sal Butera
  6. Hosken Powell
  7. Tommy Sain
  8. Willie Norwood or Tim Loberg
  9. John Lonchar
  10. Tom Kelly, Coach
  11. Eddie Bane
  12. Davis May
  13. Tom Hall
  14. Gregg Bemis
  15. Gary Ward
  16. Gary Serum or Rob Wilfong
  17. Mike Proly
  18. Steve Luebber
  19. Art DeFillippis
  20. Jim Gideon
  21. Jim Hughes
  22. Juan Veintidos
  23. Randy Bass
  24. Bill Butler or Jeff Holly
  25. Dan Graham
  26. Del Wilber, Manager

Value: This #5 cost $3 at Find most of the other Tacoma Twins at COMC and if you shop for a team set, confirm they include all 30 (with multiple uniform numbers).

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace.

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