Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1980 Indianapolis Indians Baseball #5, Joe Price

This 1980 entry caps Indy's vintage teams sets, nice full-color cards from a time when many minor league teams couldn't afford better than black-and-white. They measure slightly bigger than standard Topps, frustrating collectors who want to put everything in 9-count sheets, but satisfy the artistic spirit of making a better card.

Joe Price moved to the bigs in 1981 and played during my sweet spot as a collector, so I remember several of his cards, including this close look at Cincy's home uniform.

1985 Topps profiled #82 Joe Price in 2012, highlighting his high socks and even higher leg kick.

Advice to young players: "Perserverence." Advice to card editors: spelling (perseverance).

TRIVIA UPDATE: Joe Price started 84 games and finished 84 games, MLB's all-time leader in appearances (372) with equal "starts and finishes."

This 32-card set's a mix of group photos and individual shots, similar to Indy's previous efforts (Indianapolis set profiles).
  1. Team Picture
  2. Jim Beauchamp, Manager
  3. Sheldon Burnside
  4. Mike Grace
  5. Joe Price
  6. John Hale
  7. Geoff Combe
  8. Dave Van Gorder
  9. Bruce Berenyi
  10. Eddie Milner
  11. Jay Howell
  12. Paul O'Neill (minor leaguer, not future CIN/NYY star Paul O'Neill)
  13. The Braintrust
  14. Larry Rothschild
  15. Paul Householder
  16. The Relievers
  17. Scott Brown
  18. Mark Miller
  19. The Starters
  20. Blake Doyle
  21. Gene Menees
  22. Rafael Santo Domingo
  23. Bill Kelly
  24. Don Lyle
  25. Bill Dawley
  26. Duane Walker
  27. Angel Torres
  28. The Catchers
  29. The Infielders
  30. The Outfielders
  31. John Young, Trainer
  32. Checklist

As with many AAA teams, a bunch of included players (in bold) reached the bigs, either before or after their appearance in this Indians set.

Value: This #5 cost $2 at MinorLeagueSingles.com. Can't find a team set for sale right now, but assume they'd be $20-30.

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace.

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