Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1979 TCMA Burlington Bees Baseball #5, Sam Gierham (actually Gierhan)

Does today's card look a little off to you? Too smoothed on the crown? Oddly blended along the logo? I doubt that TCMA spent precious money on airbrushing--at least nothing like what Topps does every single year--but I could swear there's something unoriginal about Mr. Gierham's visage.

Speaking of that name, "Sam Gierham" doesn't really exist, but Sam Gierhan does, and pitched three years of minor league ball between 1975 and 1979. (There's a two-year gap for 1976-77, which I assume he committed to college studies.) Based on Google results, this TCMA card's the only time a "Sam Gierham" has ever existed.

TCMA got Sam's name right on their 1978 Newark Pilots team issue, but neglected to carry over his 0-1 record for this card back. He won a total of 2 games in the minors, both in 1975 rookie league play.

1979 Burlington Bees checklist courtesy of; player names appear correct to me, other than Sam.
  1. Larry Edwards
  2. Russell Ramirez
  3. Pat Seegers
  4. Jim Robinson
  5. Sam Gierham (Gierhan)
  6. Rocky Hall
  7. Willie Lozado
  8. Nick Hernandez
  9. Ron Buggs
  10. Dan Gilmartin
  11. Mark Lepson
  12. Doug Jones
  13. Steve Gibson
  14. Bob Gibson
  15. Johnny Evans
  16. Roberto Diaz
  17. Duane Espy
  18. Vince Bailey
  19. Randy Boyce
  20. Greg De Hart
  21. Stan Davis
  22. Vince Pone
  23. Jim Padula
  24. Steve Norwood
  25. Steve Manderfield

Value: This #5 cost $2 at A few of Sam's teammates reached the majors, but no one's famous enough to run more than a few dollars. (#14 is the other Bob Gibson, who won a dozen games for Milwaukee in the 1980s.)

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace.


Mark Aubrey said...

I was hoping that it was Burlington, Vermont.

Nope, it was Iowa instead. The Bees have had some good players pass through their system.

Russell Ramirez said...

Long time until now I hear all our names.

Russell Ramirez

Matthew Glidden said...

Glad to bring you all back together again, Mr. Ramirez!