Friday, October 7, 2011

Two more player wantlists and a sketchy giveaway

Added two more wantlists to my player collection last night and posted links to all four on the blog sidebar, just below "Top 5 Posts."

Jamie Quirk caught and played utility man for nearly two decades in KC, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Oakland, Baltimore, and New York (but mostly KC). He did a little of everything for everyone and switched to coaching after retirement, currently on staff with Houston (Jamie Quirk wantlist).

Spike Owen was my favorite Mariner during the 1980s and I was bummed when his Seattle tenure ended with a trade to Boston in 1986. Spike went on to play good-glove shortstop for Montreal, New York, and Anaheim. He continues in baseball as manager for the Texas AAA affiliate Round Rock Express (Spike Owen wantlist).

I've got a variety of low-grade vintage cards to trade for hits to my player collections; just leave a comment on their wantlist pages or send an email through my Google profile!

CONTEST: This pair of 1960s cards received a virtual gravestone rubbing, very sketch-like. First to identify the set, year, and players via blog comment wins them. (Please guess only if you actually need/want the cards. :-) Both are HOFers.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Guess: 1963 Bazooka All-Time Greats. Connie Mack and Harry Heilmann.

That Mack is SWEET!

Matthew Glidden said...

Wow, that was super-fast! Congrats to CCC, who wins with guess #1.

Here's more on the 1963 Bazooka ATG set, which Topps produced as a parallel to their "normal" one featuring active players.