Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Poll: Create a #5 Scan Archive?

The #5 type collection currently contains a few hundred examples and about 85% of known numbered, pre-1980 sets. Players range in fame from Babe Ruth to Bob Buhl. Cards measure from postage stamps up to cereal box panels. There's everything from the over-produced to the super-rare, including a bunch of foreign issues.

1962 Topps Venezuelan card front

1962 Topps Venezuelan card back

Many folks focus on newer sets and only "collect" old stuff vicariously through Google Image Search and baseball blogs. (Indeed, a solid 50% of this blog's visitors come directly from GIS!) Since it would take quite a while to read through everything on the site, there looks to be value in a hi-res, front-and-back archive of vintage #5s.

Let me know if you're interested (or not) in a buyable archive via the new poll, which I'll keep open through Dec 17, 2009. Scans would include a #5 site watermark and cost would be low. (I consider $19.95 expensive, so more like $10.)

If people prefer that proceeds go to charity, I would send it to a Child's Play children's hospital or one of the school projects. They're both excellent groups that I contribute to each year.

Also add your thoughts to the comments!

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