Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cards To See Before You Die, a.k.a. #BucketCards

I tweet about baseball as @Number5TypeCard and, every so often, I post photos of my #BucketCards, specific cardboard that's worth an extra look. Here's my latest, a 1930 minor league 8"x10" premium of "Specs" Toporcer.

Most of these "Cards To See Before You Die" show off something interesting, rare, or artistic. They don't need to be impossible or unaffordable. You could find this Joe Adcock on eBay for a few dollars.

Some #BucketCards put you in a baseball context without showing you baseball players.

Others highlight unconventional shots from a century ago.

I post many shots from the 1920s and 1930s, when companies reinvented each year what it meant to be a "baseball card." Art Deco's just one of many styles they tried.

Even if they "can't all be Waners," at least they're all #BucketCards!


Fuji said...

Great stuff. I must need to add that Adcock to my bucket list.

MLBFansOnline said...

Beatiful cards.......