Friday, December 5, 2008

1954 Red Man AL #5, Sherm Lollar

Sherm Lollar played catcher in the AL for 18 seasons and 4 different teams, starting with the Cleveland Indians in 1946 and finishing with 11 quality years on the (as pictured) Chicago White Sox. He made 7 All-Star teams and garnered MVP votes in six different years. Several skills stand out as even more valued now than then.

  1. Walked more often than struck out in every full season
  2. Batted at least 100 OPS+ in half his seasons, including 5 in a row from 1955-1959
  3. Three Gold Gloves, including the combo AL/NL award for 1957
  4. Took one for the team a lot, finishing in the top 10 HBP 11 times

Card front

Germane to the type collection, Mr. Lollar managed the Tucson Toros for a couple of years in the early 70s. Yes, the very same team of the worst uniform ever (and not just in Arizona). Viva Toros!

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Steve Gierman said...

Great looking card! I always liked the Red Man cards. They had very visually appealing artwork and their size always stood out.