Thursday, June 12, 2008

1952 Topps #5 posted on Things Done to Cards blog

First in line for both my #5 type collection (and as a poster on the Things Done to Cards blog) is my 1952 Topps Larry Jansen. It includes a scan of Larry's unusual pose and shows off the well-loved condition of the card itself. (There's nothing you can't do to a card when you put your mind to it!)

Thanks to Upper Deck's cards-while-you-wait booth at last year's National card show, the world possesses my tribute to Mr. Jansen. I do not share his willingness to reproduce prolifically. (That many kids might not even be legal in Boston anymore.)

Should you attend the National card show in Chicago this year, remember to bring an outfit for the Upper Deck booth. Though I rarely touch new cards anymore, it's pretty cool to get your name and face on something. You could even take it down to a grading booth and sign that puppy in front of the authenticators! Sheer business genius.

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