Saturday, October 29, 2016

World Series Game 4 and 5 Card Giveaway!

I will guess that it's been a year-plus since I gave cards away on this site, which is a year-plus too long. Let's turn this World Series of Baseball into some fabulous prizes.


There will be at least two more games, so predict the total runs scored by both team in games 4 & 5. For example, if you think they'll end up 6-3 and 4-2, your guess is 15 runs. Post your guess down there in the comments.

Run totals must be unique! If you duplicate someone else's guess, you'll need to back up and pick again.

Might be obvious, but guesses must be in before the start of game 4 and I'll contact the winners after game 5.


Closest guesser gets this truly assorted assortment!

  • Autographed cards of Dave Cash and Greg Luzinski
  • 1980 Baseball Immortals Series 1 of DiMaggio
  • 1976 SSPC Tony Oliva
  • Vintage Mariners cloth sticker
  • 2015 CWS/NYY ticket : Mark Teixeira set MLB record for switch-hitting HRs in one game
  • Choose a team, get a card lot for that team!
Next five closest
  • Choose a team, get a card lot for that team!

May you all be as lucky as this guy!


Jon said...

I'll go with 8.

Justin McLeod said...

7 for me

Dawgbones said...

let's go with 9

gcrl said...

11. or as i like to call it, manny mota.

arpsmith said...

I will go with 10, thanks!

madding said...

I was going to say 10... so 12 is the next best thing maybe? yeah, 12.

Cards That Never Were said...

Lucky 13 for me.

Matthew Glidden said...

With game 4 (7-2) and game 5 (3-2), the contest total was 14 runs. Congrats to John Hogan, who got 13!


Madding (12)
girl (11)
arpsmith (10)
Richard (9)
Jon (8)
Admin (7)

Not gonna leave anyone out, so let's get team lots to all six runners-up. :-)

Please email me your account name, choice of team lot, and mailing address to glidden dot matthew at gmail for prizes!